Matthew Chudleigh

Senior .NET Developer


I have daily professional experience of 10+ years C#/F# .NET application and web service development, 10 years T-SQL database development, 4 years ASP.Net, WCF web services.

My current work is focused on the development and support of Quantum, a large client-side application, a middle-ware solution managing scripts and patient information at over 200 pharmacies. My role covers the full development life-cycle and devops / production management, as well as analyst and project management duties.

I have development experience with ORMs (EntityFramework, NHibernate), IoC (Ninject), Unit Testing (NUnit), Protobuf.

Technical Skills

  • C# / F# .NET (Framework 4.7 and Core)
  • MS SQL Server
  • Git, TFS / VSTS
  • Jira, Confluence
  • NuGet / Paket
  • Docker
  • Amazon Web Services
    • EC2
    • Elastic Beanstalk
    • ECS / ECR
    • ALB
    • Lambda

Medication Packaging Systems Australia Pty Ltd

Senior Software Developer

August 2015 - Present


  • Managed the development of new features in a legacy system that supported the expansion of the installed user-base by 4x (from 54 to 235).
  • Worked closely with pharmacists, third-party vendors and internal stakeholders to design and implement all new features.

At MPS my primary role is the development, testing and support of Quantum, a comprehensive middle-ware solution deployed to over 200 pharmacies, integrating the pharmacy dispense system with MPS HealthStream in order to better manage patient medications and scripts.

Quantum is written primarily in C# with F# modules, consisting of a windows service and MSSQL database installed on a server at the pharmacy with a Winforms+WPF desktop application installed on one or more clients.

Quantum has progressed through more than 8 years of outsourced development and I came on-board to bring the system in-house and take on the legacy support and development of new features.

As the senior developer on Quantum, I take a lead role in the development of new projects, including major projects such as Quantum Connect - the integration of multiple new dispense systems, and Quantum Flux - the deployment of Quantum via an automated build, test and release cycle.

I have detailed knowledge and development involvement with the software systems used across the entire business, both client-facing, third-party vendor and internal operations. My role includes the support and development of systems integrated with the stock management, finance and the packing and checking process, as well as vendor support for multiple third-party integrations with our data stream.

I work closely with clients, stakeholders and business knowledge experts, including direct contact with pharmacies and other software vendors, in order to continuously improve and expand the application as well as my own knowledge of the business domain. I also work closely with the team to analyse and resolve issues as they arise.

In addition to application development, I manage the deployment and operation of multiple systems in AWS and have developed and deployed services on EC2, ECS, Elastic Beanstalk and Lambda.

Agility Applications Pty Ltd

Analyst Programmer - Data Services

April 2012 - July 2015 (3 years 4 months)


  • Lead developer on the intraday data services project, completed a rewrite of the legacy Java code in C# WCF to ensure real-time delivery of all intraday data to brokers.

At Agility Applications, my primary role was the design, development and support of WCF services, including the delivery of near-real time trading data through self-hosted windows services over TCP sockets and the provision of IIS hosted web service interfaces between clients and third party platforms such as IRESS and SHARES.

My role also included the development and support of ASP.NET web applications, including SQL Server database development. I also developed and supported Java applications interfacing with HornetQ and dealing with the transmission of intraday trading data.

Strategic Business Consulting

Software Engineer

May 2009 - April 2012 (3 years)

At SBCIT my duties included the development of OH&S and Insurance Claims systems in C++ and C#, in ASP.NET and ASP. I gained experience in the development of new systems and the support of legacy systems for existing clients.

I worked on the development of databases in MS SQL Server (T-SQL) and Oracle (PL/SQL), including installing and configuring those databases in Linux and Windows as well as multiple successful database migrations to the SBC platform. My duties also gave me experience in the development of Crystal reports.

University of Southern Queensland


December 2005 - February 2008 (2 years 3 months)

Games programmer working on multi-user 3D interactive educational environments.