A software developer with 9 years of experience in application development, specializing in the development and support of C# .NET web services and web sites


Bachelor of Information Technology

University of Southern Queensland

Toowoomba, Queensland; Graduated March 2006
  • Major: Software Engineering


Analyst Programmer

Agility Applications Pty Ltd

April 2012 - Present; Brisbane, Queensland
  • Designed and developed web services, web sites, applications and databases relating to real-time trade data supporting two major clearing houses and over sixty brokerages using SQL Server, C#, WCF and ASP.Net as part of a start-up data management solutions provider.
  • Developed and conducted testing on web services, fixes and extensions in the capital markets technology space including data warehousing and mobile solutions.
  • Performed troubleshooting and resolution of client system issues, which included data synchronisation, user interface and service access issues.
  • Designed and developed middleware for real-time trade data streaming web services, which included implementing fault-tolerance and recovery procedures.
  • Designed and developed multiple libraries related to the common architecture of the web services
  • Supported, developed and tested legacy Java applications involved in the real-time delivery of trade data internally and to external clients.
  • Supported and developed a standalone real-time ASX FIX based trading platform. Primary developer of a migration from ASX to IRESS FIX endpoints.
  • Technologies:
    • C#
    • ASP.Net
    • T-SQL
    • WCF
    • Reactive Extensions
    • Entity Framework
    • SpecFlow
    • NUnit
    • Java
    • JBoss/HornetQ
    • Postgres
  • Worked in a small team of 5-10 people

Software Engineer

Strategic Business Consulting Pty Ltd

May 2009 - April 2012; Brisbane, Queensland
  • Designed and developed front-end and back-office data management web sites forms, reports, and applications in C++ and C# for a 30+ government and commercial clients.
  • Development of PL/SQL and T-SQL databases.
  • Support of multiple legacy web applications in C++.
  • Deployment of applications to both hosted and remote Production environments.
  • Alongside a senior developer, completed the successful delivery of a complete Self-Insurance Management System for a new client, including the ETL of a large set of pre-existing insurance claims from a competitors platform.
  • Performed troubleshooting and resolution of Production issues while managing priorities on multiple projects.
  • Technologies:
    • C++
    • C#
    • ASP.Net
    • VB Script
    • Javascript
    • PL/SQL
    • T-SQL
    • Crystal Reports
  • Worked in a small team of 5-10 people

Games Programmer

ALIVE - University of Southern Queensland

December 2005 - February 2008; Toowoomba, Queensland
  • Developed educational gaming projects focussing on multi-user 3D collaborative environments.
  • Development of multiple prototype applications in C++ as part of a small team (3-5 people).
  • Meeting in person with investors, users and potential clients to analyse requirements, showcase applications and resolve issues.
  • Achievements: Successfully developed a prototype multi-user UDP based Linux game server and Windows client in C++ under tight bandwidth constraints.


  • Languages:
    • C#
    • Java
    • Javascript
    • Erlang
    • VB.Net
  • Frameworks:
    • ASP.NET
    • WCF
    • Entity Framework
    • LINQ
    • JQuery
    • Knockout
    • MSMQ
  • Technologies:
    • TCP
    • HTTPS
    • SQL
    • JSON
    • HTML 5
    • Web Services
  • Software:
    • Visual Studio 2013
    • Sql Server 2012
    • GIT
    • SVN
    • JIRA
    • IIS
    • SSIS
    • HornetQ
    • Maven
    • TeamCity
  • Patterns:
    • ORM
    • Dependency Injection / Inversion of Control (IOC)
    • Model-view-controller (MVC) / Model-View-Viewmodel (MVVM)
    • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
    • Behaviour driven development
    • Actors
    • Distributed and concurrent systems
    • Continuous Integration